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June 14th, 2006

04:51 pm: If any of you are interested in having an Ann Summers party or know anyone else who would interested, please contact me taps42@hotmail.com

x x x

March 19th, 2006

04:17 pm: Not updated for awhile!

The trip round to Chris' was quite funny, i had a good laugh. I had to pick him up off the floor cos his back was hurting so decided to lay down on the floor, sat in Sky, got his elvis duck working, saw his room and watched shit on telly - what fun!

Ski trip was excellent, loved every minute of it. Unfortunately Kim didnt but anyway she still had a good time! I tried snowboarding, wicked - wana do it again.

Not much has happened since i have been back - dad is back to sort the house out and made me get rid of half of everything i had in my room! It looks so bare now and he still thinks i have far too much stuff!

Helped Julie n Ben move in - i built their wardrobes, chest of drawers, bedside tables and bed and amazingly they have all stayed up and that was about 3 weeks ago!

Went down Julie n Bens new local last sat - was well cheap in there and quite nice, me and Ben got plastered so stayed round theirs (Julie drove). Chris kept texting me non stop all night and all throughout night, he was in Watford and thought I would be too but I wasnt. Tried to get me to go round his that night saying he would pay for taxis etc. He ended up leaving his gate and back door unlocked so i could go round in the morning (his rents n becky were away). So i went round there and we had a nice few hours together, he is so different when its just the 2 of us. I think it might be because i am mates with his sister so it a bit weird. I went round theirs on Tues night to choose outfit for Becky to wear. Meet their dad, he winked at me and he is well funny, apparently he likes me which i guess is a good thing! Chris hardly spoke to us though - just being a miserable git!! Found an outfit for Becky and she got me a Duck ornament and some choclate from Spain.

On Friday Becky had day off so went shopping, she booked our holiday - Benidorm for a week in August, yey so excited about it now!! And she got me a pink belt to go with my outfit i had chosen and she also bought me a present - a cuddley duck which is a bag, he is well cute :).

Last night me Julie n Becky went out in Aylesbury - had good laugh got drunk and danced lots!We all pulled (well no, if we wanted to then we could have done, loads of guys tried it on but most were mingers and Julie is married, so technically only Becky pulled which is good because it was my mission to dress her and do her hair n makeup etc so she would). We stayed over at Julies last night and Ben woke us up when he came home from work at 9am.

I am now sitting here still hungover waiting to go to my sisters for roast chicken - yum yum!

February 18th, 2006

07:01 pm: I am leaving in about half an hour to go to Chris'. I am now feeling very nervous and slightly scared :S

Current Mood: nervousnervous

February 7th, 2006

09:28 pm: I am really tired, I went to the gym last night and fell asleep quite early. I havent done anything much today cept work and then went round EJ's for dinner and to get Bubbles' present from the kittens and give the kittens their presents from Bubbles (lol). I have just come home and done some washing and cleaned out bubbles, she loves her treats :D.

Got the gym tomorrow and then Chris is coming over on Thursday night, Becky knows he supposed to be coming over so will make sure he does cos he listens to her :).

I went out in Watford on Fri night cos Nat now lives there, the house is really nice actually very like the Ealing house which is a little weird! We got drunk really quickly which was weird for us and I danced with some short guy who asked Natalie very nicely if I he could dance with me. Some guy pulled me but was shit so I was like just fuck off.

Saturday me and Julie went to Beckys work to book her honeymoon but we didnt get very far, just pissed about and spent most our time talking about Chris. Becky Julie and Ben came over in the evening for chinese and dvd and some alcohol and they all stayed over.

Sunday - me and Becky went to cinema to see Brokeback mountain. I picked Becky up since she only lives like 5 mins away. I got a bit confused as to which road it was as only been there once when Julie drove and i wasnt paying attention. So becky decided to wait outside for me. Chris text me after we had gone saying he was annoyed i didnt go in and say hello to him - well i didnt have to time to!! I also found out they had a family discussion about me and their dad was asking lots of questions about me and stuff, little worried because he a top policeman and likes to check out people through the computer!!

January 29th, 2006

03:46 pm: Friday night went to Jongleurs for EJ's birthday with EJ,Liam, Milo, Michelle, Nay and Mark. Sarie was supposed to come to but she forgot her ID so couldnt get in :(. It was a really good night actually. The funniest was the 2nd act - some canadian guy who was soo funny but in the wrong way - he spoke alot about fucking, cunts and retarded people. I didnt drink cos was driving but I had a really good time and danced loads - hehe.

Had my hair done yesterday - I am now brunette again *yey*. And then I did my food shopping (oh the joys of tescos). Julie n Ben came round to collect Munch :( I didnt want him to go!! I went to Rosie and Callums for eveing with Julie Ben and Del. That was quite fun cos Julie drove so I drank lots of Lambrini (haha).

Julie picked me up at 11.30ish this morning cos we were going shopping to Aylesbury. She told me that we were going to Beckys cos Becky ill and needs cheering up and got present for her. I was shitting it cos I knew Chris was gona be there!! Becky decided she was going to get Chris so brought him downstairs, he wasnt looking his best cos painting his room. Oh yeh he got his new car, she is soo pretty! He asked me if I liked her and I said Skys beautiful and he agreed so she is now actually named Sky!!We left them to it and went shopping...... I GOT A HAMSTER!! It is sooo beautiful, grey and white and really pretty!! Chris has named her bubbles and she seems happy with that name so I think that is what she will be called :).

Am about to go round EJ's to give her her presents and let her meet bubbles and stuff.

January 26th, 2006

06:57 pm: Not really been around much the last week, just been so tired and stuff! Spent Friday night - Monday morning at my sisters babysitting the kittens while my sis was in Dublin. They are cute and I love them to bits and everything but man they wouldnt let me sleep at all!! If they werent running all over me and jumping and fighting with each other, they were scratching doors, meowing and knocking things of tables!! I slept for about 10 hours within 3 nights! I ended up getting up at 5am on Monday cos they wudnt let me sleep!!

Because of lack of sleep everything at work that could go wrong basically has! I am now allergic to anything to do with Joe Grooming so I cant do anything regarding that!!

I cant wait til tomorrow cos 1) Its friday 2) Its POETS day 3) The weekend starts 4) I can catch up on sleep at weekend 5)Am having my hair done this weekend

Things are going quite well with Chris, texting every night which is good. Hopefully meet up next week when we both got some money.

Oh yeh and Munch is still alive, haven't killed him yet!! He just needs to survive til Sat afternoon :)

January 19th, 2006

09:00 pm: *Yey* Julie and Ben have just been round to drop of Munch the hamster. I am looking after him til next Saturday while they are away in Morroco - hehe!! Going to my sisters after work tomorrow til Monday as they gone to Dublin so gota kitten sit, so I am just going to be Dr Doolittle for awhile. Sooty isnt speaking to me because she jealous of munch - haha!!

Things are going well with Adam and Chris so thats all good.

Had shittest day ever at work today - in fact all week! Its just so dull and boring and everyone is in a flat mood because its Jan and we all broke!!

January 18th, 2006

04:14 pm: I am well bored at work. Am thinking about which piece of stationary to use to poke my eyes out

January 8th, 2006

11:35 am: Last night was sooo much fun!! We (me,Adam,Ben and Julie) were supposed to go out for a chinese and then go back to Julie n Bens for dvd and few drinks. Well the chinese was really really busy and cos Ben and Julie know them,we decided to do them a favour and gave up our table that we had booked and decided to get take away. So we got a discount and free prawn crackers and drinks.

After we had eaten Ben decided that we were going to play the spin the bottle DVD. Its quite fun,but the whole reason we were playing for cos Ben n Julie wanted me n Adam to get together. Anyway for those of you who havent played spin the bottle dvd styley this is what you do. There are 8 characters (we had 2 each) and then you basically press spin and whoever it lands on has to do a dare mostly involving another player. There are 6 different levels from 'Getting Fresh' all the way up to 'Wild'!

Considering I was completely sober and they were all pissed, I think I did very well! Most of the dares involved me somehow. There were loads of different things. I kissed Adam about 3 times for different reasons like he had to put lipstick on me only using his mouth, then we had to kiss for 20 seconds and then someone had to take a picture of us kissing. Then there were things like Ben had to lie on top of me for 30 seconds, he had to lick my cheek and suck on it, and we had to touch tongues. We had guessing games like you had to blindfold the person and they had to guess who it was by feeling the face and then by who was massaging them. Ben and Adam had to get a photo taken in their underwear, Adam had to streak around the room and Ben had to get a photo taken of him naked and show us all, so he just came in the lounge naked and posed. I got groped by Julie and Ben cos they had to guess my Bra size, Adam had to caress my chest, Adam had to drink his drink with it between my legs, I had to slither like a snake over Ben and Adam. I got bundled by Ben and Adam. I had to massage Adams bum!

It was a pretty good night actually and I am impressed with myself for doing the majority of the dares considering I was sober and I normally wouldnt have done!!

December 4th, 2005

10:06 pm: Friday - We couldn't do anything at work cos they were doing stock take in warehouse cos we getting new system. Julie had to go help in the warehouse so i used her computer but there was nothing to do at all so i signed onto msn and spoke to Buz for most of the day. He gave me his work email address so was emailing aswell. After work Julie came back to mine n we walked to the pub so i could drink. Had dinner n Ben gave me lift home. When I got home I was in just 1 of my little weird moods n jules kept asking what wrong and i was getting annoyed but held back from snapping at him!

Sat - EJ came round and we went to Hemel shopping - it was pure hell! I hadnt been there for about 2 years and now I know why!! Its just full of stupid little chav, 16 yr old mums, twats and retards. Some lil kid kicked my sister! Some woman had a go me cos she had a double buggy with about 50 bags attached to the handles and when I walked past I accidentally knocked one - stupid bint! Despite all the shit that happened I did manage to finish getting EJs and Bens present and found a dress,wrap and bag. Oh and I got like 15 pairs of underwear and a skirt also.

Oh my sis told my dad about the house and he went mad at me and I told Julia when I got home and they've tidied their room a bit but still the shit is in the study and its really frustrating! And also, if your going to cook dinner and wash up after you - then fucking dry up too and dont leave it on the side for like 2 days!!!

Went to cinema with Kim to see Flightplan last night - really good but there seemed to be some awkwardness cos Kim came round 1st and Jules and Julia were like 'how come ur here' and she came to my room cos I was just finishing wrapping some presents and I think they thought it was bit weird and also cos we didnt invite them to the cinema but I know that Julia doesnt wana c that film cos it looks bit creepy and she told me so. Its nice that they ask me to do stuff with them but I live them and sometimes its nice just to have place to myself and night in etc but I always feel that they think I'm avoiding them when I say no.

Today - Got up, had shower, put hair in plaits and put skanky clothes on. Went to hoover out car and clean the inside - got everything out and about to start and then Buz phoned and wanted to meet in Watford like in an hour so I ran around trying to get ready and sort stuff out etc. I picked Natalie up on the way cos she needed to do some shopping but Stu didnt wana go. Buz seemed in a bit of pissy mood but think he was tired or didnt like the fact i brought natalie with me. He stayed for about an hour or so and then went home. I brought a really fun outfit from Ann Summers - hehe!

Went to my sisters earlier and had dinner and she sorted my dress out. Marvin scooted up the curtains in her room, got stuck and was hanging from curtain pole upside down swimging like a bat whilst Mitsy just sat on floor and looked. EJ had to rescue him, it was really funny though.

Am gona go to bed now I think - not that I need sleep for work cos there aint gona be any work to do and Julie is off tomorrow and Sam is off from 1 so the system will prob be up and running as soon as Sam goes leaving me to process about 70 orders on a new system thats weird so its gona be gay!

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